Est 1943 - 2023

This is a great opportunity to socialise with fellow members in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  Why not make it a night out from dinner at home by getting a great meal from the Bowl to Jack Bistro

Over the summer, a corner to corner is held with good prizes up for grabs.???

The Club Captain takes centre stage around 6.30 pm to update members on club events and news and then the raffles (meat and /or money) are drawn.  This is followed by the members draw.  

This draw has all club members names included but you have to be there on the night to claim the prize if your number is drawn otherwise the amount of money goes up by $50 each week until it is claimed or reaches $500 (see below).

The rules for the club weekly draw.  

The amount added to the pot every week is $50 with a maximum for each pot of $500.  If not won when that maximum is reached, then a new pot will start at $50 and run in parallel with the $500 pot.  The first number drawn each week will go to the maximum pot (or pots if there are more than one) and an additional draw will then take place for the new pot that is still running, The draws usually take place following the club captains session and raffle draws.

Hospice Draw.

There is a slotted board adjacent opposite the bar which is numbered 1 to 40; each number having a slot for a $2 coin alongside which 'punters' can put the name or 'nom de plume'. When all numbered slots have filled a draw is made and the winner receives $50 with the remaining proceeds donated to our North Harbour Hospice Charity.